Conflicts In The Middle East Essay

Although religion is the main instigator, shoddy education, resources, and a corruptive economy take the lead.In order to understand the meaning of this, you must first see a picture of daily life in these areas.Religion, soil, and prejudice are just a few reasons for why are world has seen bloodshed.

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A ground in which people of different beliefs and ambitions have shed blood on.

On one side there are Jews, believing that Israel is their religious birthright.

At that time, Palestine included all of Israel and today’s Occupied Territories, of Gaza, West Bank, etc.

The increasing number of Jewish people immigrating to the increased tensions in the region.

That response and his earlier studies of the Bible made him open to the argument that emigration to Palestine was the proper remedy for the surviving Jews of Europe.

Yet he acknowledged later, in his memoirs, that he was He, like his predecessor, had promised he would take no action without fully consulting the Arabs, and he reneged.In the other there are Muslims, believing that Israel is their place of worship.For the last fifty-two years, Israel has been a country.The United States not only accepted the UN plan, it aggressively promoted it among the other members of the United Nations.[US President, Harry] Truman had been personally moved by the tragedy of the Jews and by the condition of the refugees.The two states were to be joined in an economic union, and Jerusalem would be administered by the United Nations.The Arabs would get 43 percent of the land, the Jews 57 percent.Yet, in contradiction to this, and to also get support of Jewish people, in 1917, Lord Arthur Balfour, then British Foreign Minister, issued a declaration (the Balfour Declaration).This announced the British Empire’s support for the establishment of As a further complication, there was a deal between Imperial Britain and France to carve up the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire and divide control of the region. As with the 1885 Berlin Conference where Africa was carved up amongst the various European empires, parts of the Middle East were also to be carved up, which would require artificial borders, support of monarchies, dictators and other leaders that could be regarded as After World War II, the newly formed United Nations (which then had less developing countries as members) recommended the partition of Palestine into two states and the internationalization of Jerusalem.If we research through our history books, we will find that war has been part of our lives since the beginning of our time.Sometimes our reasons for fighting are simple, other times they are not.


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