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(1997) “Merging Real and Virtual Environments with Video See-Through Head-Mounted Displays” (Henry Fuchs) Bandyopadhyay, Deepak (2006) “A Geometric Framework for Robust Neighbor Analysis of Protein Structure and Function” (Jack Snoeyink) Banks, David C.(1993) “Interacting with Surfaces in Four Dimensions Using Computer Graphics” (Stephen M.

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Edgett PDF Cloud security requirements analysis and security policy development using a high-order object-oriented modeling technique, Kenneth Kofi Fletcher PDF Multi axis slicing for rapid prototyping, Divya Kanakanala PDF Content based image retrieval for bio-medical images, Vikas Nahar PDF 2-D path planning for direct laser deposition process, Swathi Routhu PDF Contribution-based priority assessment in a web-based intelligent argumentation network for collaborative software development, Maithili Satyavolu PDF An artificial life approach to evolutionary computation: from mobile cellular algorithms to artificial ecosystems, Shivakar Vulli PDF Intelligent computational argumentation for evaluating performance scores in multi-criteria decision making, Rubal Wanchoo PDF Minimize end-to-end delay through cross-layer optimization in multi-hop wireless sensor networks, Yibo Xu PDF Information flow properties for cyber-physical systems, Rav Akella PDF Exploring the use of a commercial game engine for the development of educational software, Hussain Alafaireet PDF Automated offspring sizing in evolutionary algorithms, André Chidi Nwamba PDF Image analysis techniques for vertebra anomaly detection in X-ray images, Mohammed Das PDF Cross-layer design through joint routing and link allocation in wireless sensor networks, Xuan Gong PDF A time series classifier, Christopher Mark Gore PDF An economic incentive based routing protocol incorporating quality of service for mobile peer-to-peer networks, Anil Jade Incorporation of evidences in an intelligent argumentation network for collaborative engineering design, Ekta Khudkhudia PDF Pr ESer D - Privacy ensured service discovery in mobile peer-to-peer environment, Santhosh Muthyapu PDF Co-optimization: a generalization of coevolution, Travis Service PDF Critical infrastructure protection and the Domain Name Service (DNS) system, Mark Edward Snyder PDF Co-evolutionary automated software correction: a proof of concept, Joshua Lee Wilkerson PDF A light-weight middleware framework for fault-tolerant and secure distributed applications, Ian Jacob Baird Symbolic time series analysis using hidden Markov models, Nikhil Bhardwaj Creation of XML view and propagation of updates to relational database, Janarthanan Eindhal PDF A quantitative study of gene identification techniques based on evolutionary rationales, Cyriac Kandoth ADA-REP: adaptive searching and replication of images in mobile hierarchical peer-to-peer networks, Kumar Abhinay Rathore Analysis of conflicts among non-functional requirements using integrated analysis of functional and non-functional requirements, Vishal Sadana Vulnerability analysis of PLC-based SCADA systems over ethernet using attack trees and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tools, Simrit Pal Singh PDF An open framework for highly concurrent hardware-in-the-loop simulation, Ryan C.

Pizer) Chandak, Anish (2011) “Efficient Geometric Sound Propagation Using Visibility Culling.” (Dinesh Manocha) Chang, Chun-Fa.

(2001) “LDI Tree: A Sampling Rate Preserving and Hierarchical Data Representation for Image-Based Rendering” (Gary Bishop) Chattopadhyay, Bipasa (2015) “Integrating Pragmatic Constraints and Behaviors Into Real-Time Scheduling Theory” (Sanjoy Baruah) Chen, David T.

(1972) “Techniques for Analysis of Generalized Data Base Management Systems” (Peter Calingaert) Carter, Jason L.

(2014) “Automatic Difficulty Detection” (Prasun Dewan) Chadha, Ritu (1991) “Applications of Unskolemization” (David A. (1982) (Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics, UNC-Chapel Hill) “Evaluating the Perceived Dynamic Range of A Display Device Using Pseudocolor” (Stephen M.(1990) “Increasing Update Rates in the Building Walkthrough System with Automatic Model-Space Subdivision and Potentially Visible Set Calculations” (Frederick P. (1995) “Proving First-Order Equality Theorems with Hyper-Linking” (David A. (1999) “Automatically Reducing and Bounding Geometric Complexity by Using Images” (Anselmo A.Lastra) Allen, Bonnie Danette (2007) “Hardware Design Optimization for Human Motion Tracking Systems” (Greg Welch) Amburn, Elton P.(1994) “Development and Evaluation of an Air-to-Air Combat Debriefing System Using a Head-Mounted Display” (Frederick P.Brooks Jr.) Antani, Lakulish (2013) “Interactive Sound Propogation Using Precomputation and Statistical Approximations” (Dinesh Manocha) Arthur, Kevin (2000) “Effects of Field of View on Performance with Head-Mounted Displays” (Frederick P. (1973) “Formal Models of Binding Processes in Control Programs” (Victor L. (1997) “Continuous Mixture Modeling via Goodness-of-Fit Cores” (James M. (1995) “Predictive Tracking for Augmented Reality” (Gary Bishop) Babich, Wayne A.(1972) “Toward A Programming Language for Writing and Checking Mathematical Discourses” (Donald F.Stanat) Ahn, Ilsoo (1986) “Performance Modeling and Access Methods for Temporal Database Management Systems” (Richard T.Those from the most recent year will not immediately be available, however. (1986) “Parallel Image Generation with Anti-Aliasing and Texturing” (Henry Fuchs) Ackerman, Jeremy D.(2002) “Application of Augmented Reality to Laparoscopic Surgery” (Henry Fuchs) Ackermann Jr., Arthur F.Snodgrass) Ahuja, Vijay (1976) “Exposure of Routed Networks to Deadlock” (Victor L.Wallace) Aikat, Jay (2010) “An Investigation of the Effects of Modeling Application Workloads and Path Characteristics on Network Performance” (Kevin Jeffay) Airey, John M.


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