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“Many students lack the access to resources to fully grasp the process itself, including the importance of the college essay,” she says. I learned my son is gay when I read his college essay How helicopter parents are ruining college students Kids heading to high school?

” “Parents think there has to be a secret handshake to get into college,” says Jim Jump, academic dean and director of guidance at St.

Christopher’s School in Richmond and a past president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

“Personal statements are short films.” Sawyer has gotten requests to write the essay outright, but he’s turned them down.

Mostly, he sees kids who just need a little help, some prompting to get started or proofreading on the back end.

They’re not going to write what’s really in your heart.” Not to mention the ethical issues that come with an essay that’s purchased outright.

Paying for something and representing it as your child’s subverts the admissions process as a whole, giving kids an unfair advantage, says Carrie James, an ethicist with the Good Project at Harvard University.

For parents who want to go even further, type “college essay” into Fiverr — an online marketplace to find freelancers to do just about anything for you — and dozens of responses pop up, offers ranging from ‘I will edit your college essay” to the more carefully worded “I will perfectly handle your college essay.” Other sites are less cagey, blatantly offering to sell you an admissions essay for less than .

“I think that is a terrible trend and a risky trend,” O’Connell says of buying your kid an entire essay.

Just 500 to 700 words long, the admissions essay is make-it-or-break-it for your average high school senior.

They have to be unique but poignant, smart but not smart-alecky.


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