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Writing an application essay is a milestone towards your admission to that dream college of your life.But before saying you have written an application essay that will convince the admissions board to give you one of the limited chances, you should consider the most important part of that writing process—editing.The fraud and the graft, the faking of racial identities and of learning disabilities, the doctored CVs and ghostwritten admissions essays, the bribed proctors and dummy nonprofits and bogus athletic recruitments—these are but the logical endpoint of a system that has come to be marked by a Gini coefficient impossibly skewed, in which brand-name degrees are divided among the children of oligarchs like peerages.

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In the wake of what has been called the largest college admissions scandal the Department of Justice has ever prosecuted, much has been made about the role of “privilege” in the college admissions racket.

The defendants’ actions were unpardonable, of course, but the greater scandal is that the progeny of the privileged continue to take up more than their share of space in our nation’s most prestigious universities.

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With the above facts in mind, you can see the two sides of the coin—the importance and difficulties of editing your application essay.

As an admissions essay consultant for the company that facilitated the scheme, a college counseling service called The Key, I spent my days driving from home to home in the tonier precincts of the San Francisco Peninsula, where I helped the children of Silicon Valley plutocrats get into the colleges of their choice.

If my travels through this gilded realm taught me anything, it is that the case has little to do with privilege, a concept that should not be confounded with inequality.This consideration ensures you get papers that reflect the depth and standards of your academic level.At Newton Essay, we have dedicated editors who take over the perfecting process from the writers.If, on the other hand, privilege is a kind of accidental inheritance—that is to say, the product of a fundamentally contingent interplay of genes and environmental influences—then a critique of the concept reveals it to be but an index of barely concealed who have appointed themselves the oppressed American’s tribunes will assign to her no sense of guilt or obligation; the proper attitude for such a person, rather, is one of unappeasable entitlement with respect to those who enjoy advantages she does not.Never will she be asked to “check her privilege.” To conflate privilege with moral culpability is thus in a very real sense to indict the entire human race.We undertake all this rigorous process to ensure that all the dimensions of your papers are flawless.In addition, we allow you to request for as many revisions as you need until you are satisfied with the quality of your work.But to speak of privilege as causative is to elide the complexity of its genesis as a phenomenon.For the last several years, I witnessed the operations of “privilege” firsthand.We select our writers based on their individual areas of strength and academic levels—graduate or postgraduate.For example, when you approach us with a Ph D research paper, we will only assign it to a writer who holds a Ph D in that academic discipline.


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