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Likewise, while Cleopatra pretends to love Antony, it is obvious that the only person she truly cares for is herself.

The only person in this play who seems to exhibit true love is Enobarbus, who is extraordinarily devoted to Antony.

What can be said about the validity of promises in this story?

Do you think that Shakespeare is making a point that people in power cannot be trusted, no matter how honest they seem Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #4: The Role of Selfishness in Antony and Cleopatra Throughout Shakespeare’s recounting of Antony and Cleopatra, the title characters seem to be the most selfish of the cast.

Octavius also plays a large role as a betrayer, by breaking his truce with Pompey and imprisoning Ledipus.

It seems as if there is betrayal is abounding in every relationship.Octavius accuses Antony of shirking his duties to spend time with Cleopatra, and for not caring about the fate of the Roman Empire.After the crisis with Pompey is averted, one of his men approaches him and tells him that he could rule the world if only he would kill the triumvirate, however Pompey takes that as an offense to his honor.I do think there is mettle in death which commits some loving act upon her, she hath such a celerity in dying (120)“I’ the market-place, on a tribunal1 silver’d, Cleopatra and himself in chairs of gold Were publicly enthron’d; at the feet sat Cæsarion, whom they call my father’s son, And all the unlawful issue that their lust Since then hath made between them. (254-258)“saucy lictors Will catch at us, like strumpets; and scald rimers Ballad us out o’ tune: the quick comedians Extemporally will stage us, and present Our Alexandrian revels. Unto her He gave the ’stablishment of Egypt; made her Of Lower Syria, Cyprus, Lydia, Absolute queen. Antony Shall be brought drunken forth, and I shall see Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness I’ the posture of a whore. Do you think that selfishness is the cause of the majority of the issues throughout this play?What do you think Shakespeare is saying about selfishness and true love, based on the relationships within the text? It seems, however, that Octavius has no sense of honor, as he breaches the truce with Pompey and arrests Ledipus before attacking Antony.Who do you think has the biggest sense of honor and obligation throughout this play?Is there an reason why those who betray that duty should be forgiven?Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #3: Betrayal in Antony and Cleopatra Betrayal is a theme that occurs quite frequently in Antony and Cleopatra.


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