Character Analysis Essay Lesson Before Dying

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This work is aligned with the Grade 10 English Academic Standards and Indicators that will be addressed in class the first nine weeks of English II AICE.

These assignments will give you a jump start on thinking about the literary elements and terms with which you need to be familiar to complete this year’s advanced work.

It is CRITICAL that you take this work seriously and be ready to turn in your completed assignments on Monday, August 30, 2013—without fail.

If you do not turn in the work on the due date, your first 9 weeks grade will be greatly impacted.

After the police found Jefferson at the liquor store with the dead bodies all around, he was of course taken to trial and the times being what they were, he was convicted with very little doubt that he would be found innocent.

Miss Emma, his godmother was afraid that he would die a hog and have lived a meaningless life.

She wanted him “Not to crawl to the white man, but to get up and walk to him at the end.”At first Mr. He managed to be able to have pity upon Jefferson without empathy. Wiggins developed greatly during the course of this story, along with other characters featured in the story.

Wiggins was not very concerned about Jefferson, he just wanted to pass the time he had to spend with him, but then after a while he began to think of what it would feel like to be a dead man, and what he could do to make the time Jefferson had left to be the best they could for him. After the point in which he discussed the ice cream and the radio with Jefferson, and Jefferson admitted for the first time that he was more than a hog, Mr. Vivian met new people and increased the quality of her relationship with Mr.

Flat Character A character with only one outstanding trait or feature.

Foreshadowing The technique of giving clues to upcoming events in a narrative.


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