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KID 3: I think it could be a good idea, so people can get out more but I think it also means students have to work harder at school and be on task more.The 10-part series will revitalise the original show for today’s generation with a mix of mind-blowing magic and silly studio comedy.The new interactive show aims to retain the heart of the much-loved series by including the return of Double or Drop, a segment where audience members are put head to head to answer a series of questions to win coveted prizes. “It’s the perfect vehicle for our much-loved stars Sam and Mark and promises to usher in a new era of frenetic family fun and whizzbang audience antics,” said Cheryl Taylor, Head of Content for BBC Children’s.

“And a common theme across all of these new commissions for In House, across all the age groups we serve and from writers to on screen performers.” A reboot of the 1990s iconic children’s drama, the new series will follow the return of the mind controlling Headmaster-turned-Super-Head of an academy school.

Up to no good, the headmaster will be met with resistance from a group of mismatched pupils who discover the antagonist’s evil scheme to take control of their school.

Stirling left his regular presenting job in the CBBC office earlier this year to concentrate on his stand-up, but at the time said the had more unspecified projects for the children’s channel in the pipeline.

He was nominated for a children’s Bafta in 2010 alongside puppeteer Phil Fletcher, the man behind his sidekick Hacker the Dog. My Supply Teacher Is Magic, 12 Again and All Over The Place.

Taylor last year became controller of CBBC – whose target audience is six to 12-year-olds – after being a commissioner at BBC comedy.

She'll either flat-out refuse to do as she's told, or she'll do the exact opposite of what she's told to do.The 10-part drama takes a sinister turn when one of their targets is found dead with a DGM card left on their person, leading the group to question who knows their anonymity and safety.The series will be adapted from Gretchen Mc Neill’s novel of the same name and is targeted at 12 to 15 year-olds.Six episodes of The Dog Ate My Homework are to be recorded in front of a studio audience in Glasgow from later this month.See our free tickets page if you wish to see it being recorded – but be warned, most tapings take place at the impossibly early time of 8.30am, The show was ordered by Cheryl Taylor after a successful pilot.But experts say it's also important for the work you take home to be interesting and educational, and for there to be a balance between homework and life.As far as who gets to decide on this whole homework/no homework thing, well, it's really up to every school to make its own policy. KID 2: I think homework's not really useful because students do a lot of work during the school day. KID 3: I think when you'd rather be doing something else like playing with family or friends, then you just feel like - can we get it done with? It's a question some people have been asking lately, including principals at a few primary schools in WA. KID 2: I'm meant to do around two hours, but I usually only do one hour.The series will be aimed at five to seven year olds.We are incredibly proud of Harry and this amazing achievement so please do support him by watching the show.


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