Causes And Effects Of Binge Drinking Essay

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Do you ever hear about kids using alcohol or other drugs in your school?" By the teen years, your kids should know the facts about alcohol and your attitudes and beliefs about substance abuse.

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Kids are interested in how their bodies work, so this is a good time to talk about maintaining good health and avoiding substances that might harm the body.

Talk about how alcohol hurts a person's ability to see, hear, and walk without tripping; it alters the way people feel; and it makes it hard to judge things like whether the water is too deep or if there's a car coming too close. The later elementary school years are a crucial time in which you can influence your child's decisions about alcohol use.

For example, watching TV with your child can provide a chance to talk about advertising messages.

Ask about the ads you see and encourage kids to ask questions too.

This is especially true in the preschool years when kids tend to imitate adults' actions as a way of learning.

So, by being active, eating healthy, and drinking responsibly, parents teach their kids important lessons early on.

Kids also can be heavily influenced by friends now.

Their interests may be determined by what their peers think.

So use this time to reinforce what you've already taught them and focus on keeping the lines of communication open.

Teens are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, and their increasing need for independence may make them want to defy their parents' wishes or instructions.


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