Cause And Effect Essay College Dropout Rate

A growing number of millennial generation students have drawn similar conclusions, either by quitting to start a business or by joining the information technology industry, where dropping out doesn't carry a stigma, "The New York Times" reports.Dropping out can mark the first step toward a career path that feels more meaningful.

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My research on the major causes and effects of stress on college students is compiled at the request of The President of Strayer University.

The purpose of presenting this research paper to senior administration is to help students have a more constructive college experience.

Taking that first step of attaining the degree can be time consuming and involves loads of hard work.

Some people have more determination and motivation to be successful, while others lack the motivation and can not finish.

College dropouts suffer above-average unemployment rates. As of June 2012, applicants with some college experience emerged as a majority of unemployed job seekers for the first time, at 52 percent, according to "The Wall Street Journal." The aftermath of the 2008 U. economic slowdown left college dropouts little better off than people who didn't finish high school.

Unemployment rates for bachelor's degree holders ages 25 to 34 averaged 4.1 percent, for example, versus 9.8 for students who started college, but didn't finish, the newspaper reports.More Americans are attending college than ever before, yet few actually complete the experience.Dropping out leaves students with large debt loads and lack of a career boost that would pay them off faster.As a result, many returning students end up quitting yet again.Ralph Heibutzki's articles have appeared in the "All Music Guide," "Goldmine," "Guitar Player" and "Vintage Guitar." He is also the author of "Unfinished Business: The Life & Times Of Danny Gatton," and holds a journalism degree from Michigan State University.At least once a person’s lifetime, everyone think about who they want to become in their future.Most of the things they want to become, requires certain college degree to achieve that goal.Not everyone drop out because they lack the determination to finish, instead they run into other obstacle while equipped with the motivation.Those of which are trying to regulate the balance of work and school, unexpected family problems, and financial problems.Students who are working while going to school can often “bash” more than the government’s acceptable hours of work.For an example a student may be working a full time job, that requires them to do physical work and leaves them tired by the end of the work shift.


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