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Holden has been affected by society to acquire habits such as smoking, cursing, picking fights, and drinking excessively.

These are characteristics of stereotypical immoral behavior.

Situations in life can reveal the morality of one’s character due to their course of action. Cue to the first person biased narrative, the reader can analyze his thoughts and actions and generate their own idea of Holden’s character.

Holden is a moral character who has been influenced by society’s expectations of him as an adult and human instinct to take part in several immoral activities but his intent is to protect innocence and truth.

He believes that a man should care about the girl that he’s “giving the time to” when he says, “[Stradlater] didn’t even care if a girl kept all her kings in the back row or not” (44).

This reveals Holden’s opinions towards sexual intimacy and indirectly thinks that two people should care about each other instead of only having a sexual relationship.In this instance he admits that he is only smoking to rebel against the school rules and to challenge Stradlater.The purpose of annoying Stradlater is to get his attention and have him admit what really happened during his date with Jane.During the conversation and fight between Holden and Stradlater, Holden swears several times. His vulgarity is the only method of drawing attention to his ideas and opinions.He yells at him, “You don’t even know if her first name is Jane or Jean, ya goddam moron! Holden actively participates in several unsociable and immoral behavior but for a good cause based on his own morals.Holden says okay even though immediately after he says “It was against my principles and all” (1).He tries to start a conversation with her and offers her a smoke.He informs the reader this as if to prove that he can take part in adult activities.He asks Morrow’s mother, “Would you care for a cigarette? He attempts to appear more mature than he really is.Holden’s morals prevent him from having sex with a girl if she protests or doesn’t consent to it.At the Edmunt Hotel the elevator guy, Maurice, asks him if he would like a prostitute for “five bucks a throw” (1).


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