Case Study Of Mcdonald'S Advertising And Promotion Strategies

Case Study Of Mcdonald'S Advertising And Promotion Strategies-5
The industry analysts estimated that Mc Donald’s spends over $ 1.2 billion in advertisement beating all other fast food companies.The kids’ advertisement and promotional strategies take the largest portion of this budget.Understand the emerging trends in advertising in a web-enabled world.

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Mc Donald's, as a part of its multi-pronged marketing campaign to commemorate four decades of association with the Olympic Games, decided to be a part of the ARG, The Lost Ring.

The ARG that began in March 2008 attracted gamers from all over the world.

The company relies on strong strategic thrust and competitive advantage that mainly focus on its resources for implementing its marketing objectives.

Mc Donald’s is also one of the largest spenders on advertisement.

In addition, there are also challenges of staff turnover, risks of food infection, and threats from competition.

The company now strives to focus on provisions of healthy organic food as a response to its customers’ demands for future growth.

The associated websites received millions of blog and media impressions.

Though Mc Donald's was involved in the game right from the beginning, the fact that it was sponsoring the ARG was revealed much later.

In Mc Donald’s annual reports of the year 2010, the Vice Chairman and CEO, Jim Skinner states that the company started to create its brand and strength throughout the globe.

The CEO also accepts that the business situation during the year 2010 was tough.


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