Canterbury Tales Essay Questions

he thinks that dreams hold the potential to foretell the future and have ominous meanings.

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The wife believes good men start out bad and are corrected by women.

Her favorite husband (#5) was abusive, and after their big fight where she became deaf and he got wacked several times they lived “happily ever after”.

Compare the Miller’s Tale with either the Reeve’s Tale or the Summoner’s Tale. What is the function of time and the seasons in the tale?

What are the different characteristics that make each tale a fabliau? Is there a difference in the way the female characters act in the two tales? How does Chaucer conceive of ancient history and belief systems in the Knight’s Tale?

After marrying the old hag, the unchivalrous knight “learns his lesson” and gives the old woman control, which again displays her belief that women are always correct when it comes to marriage. Similarly, the wife had been married to a man much younger than herself and was willing to give him everything for his love-though really she wanted to have a perfect relationship with herself in thinks men should not listen to their wives, for it leads to their (men’s) downfall.

The nun’s priest also mocks the nobility in his work-Chanticleer is a perfect, powerful cock, but he is only “king” of a poor widow’s yard.

How does The Pardoner's Tale illustrate the axiom "Money is the root of all evil"? What qualities cause Chaucer to place the Pardoner at the very bottom of the social world?

Why is the Pardoner considered by modern readers to be Chaucer's most modern and most intriguing character? Discuss the reasons for the use of the magical, the supernatural, the miraculous, and the exotic in such tales as The Man of Law's Tale, The Squire's Tale, The Prioress' Tale, The Second Nun's Tale, and parts of others. "Vanity goeth before a fall" might be applied to Chaunticleer.

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