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Lee Chong agrees to let Mack borrow the truck after Mack promises that Gay, who is a gifted mechanic, will fix it up.

Lee Chong agrees to let Mack borrow the truck after Mack promises that Gay, who is a gifted mechanic, will fix it up.There is a young boy named Frankie who hangs around Doc’s lab.

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Hazel tells Doc that another man is coming to stay at the Palace Flophouse – Gay, who fights with his wife a lot and goes in and out of prison.

Back at the Palace, the boys discuss doing something nice for Doc and light upon the idea of throwing him a party.

On the night of their frog hunt, Mack and the boys camp out on a piece of land.

However, a man approaches them and tells them that they must leave immediately.

Everyone is miserable, tired, and prone to fighting or issues with their businesses.

The boys' beloved puppy, whom they have named Darling, falls ill.

However, Doc does not return until the following morning, by which time the party is over. When Doc gets back to his lab, it is utterly destroyed.

His precious records are smashed, windows are broken, and greasy dishes are piled high.

Mack knows that they need money to throw the surprise party, so he asks Doc if he has some work for them.

Doc is wary, knowing that Mack can be untrustworthy, but he needs frogs to fulfill an order.


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