Can You Plagiarize College Essays

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There are virtually no benefits to being dishonest; meanwhile, cheating leaves you vulnerable to endless issues and negative repercussions.

What many students do not realize—and what we would like to highlight here—is that it is remarkably easy to identify plagiarism.

Getting into the college of your choice can be one of the top defining moments in life.

The pressure to write a solid, appealing college application essay can cause great anxiety.

Ultimately, you should want to end up at an institution where you are accepted on your own merit—these are the institutions that can best service you, your work ethic, and your specific set of strengths and weaknesses, and you need to apply honestly.

What’s more, you put yourself at a disadvantage by hiring someone else to write your personal statement for you, since the ultimate goal of the essay is to share intimate information about your personality—something you can do better than anyone else.When considering candidates, colleges and universities take the essays very seriously.Often, the institution of higher learning will provide essay guidelines for applicants to follow.Often, when students allow parents or tutors to revise their personal statement with too heavy a hand, the idiosyncrasies of the student are erased. The Practical Approach We’ll start off by saying that it is usually fairly transparent when a student hasn’t written his or her personal statement.If the voice of your personal essay sounds inconsistent with that of other sections of your application, an adcom might notice and investigate further.Chances are, if you do not write your own application essay, you’ll get caught – and here’s why. First, let’s clarify what a university admissions committee would consider to be plagiarism to avoid unknowing offenses.Plagiarism is defined as is the act of claiming another’s work as your own.As we state above, we do not condone it, because it disservices both you and your accomplices in the long run.Obviously is it unethical to put your name on another person’s words and take credit for their work; this is unfair to the original writer. By cheating, you admit to believing that you need someone else to help you get into the right school when, in fact, just the opposite is true.However, if you are caught using their services, it is you, not them, who will suffer through the negative repercussions.Another form of plagiarism involves copying-and-pasting sentences or entire paragraphs you did not author into the Common App.


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