Can Parents Protect Their From Tv Violence Essay

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“Critics who question the fact that media violence has effects on viewers sometimes do so because they miscomprehend probabilistic causality, claiming that “lots of people consume media violence, but they do not all become mass murderers” (Anderson, 2012). Just because a child plays violent video games or watches shows that have some form of violence in them does not mean that the child is also going to be violent.Just because they listen to songs that have lyrics regarding some random act of violence does not mean that they are going to preform that same act.

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But what about when their parents just do not take the time to notice that there is a problem with their child? All children start to show aggressiveness when they are very young.

We have all witnessed it when a child throws things because they did not get their way.

They are constantly surrounded by violent content whether it is from television, movies, or music.

On the other side of this are those that say that the violence that is portrayed constantly around us has no more of an effect on our children now than it did fifty years ago.

They can be taught right and wrong by the adult influences around them.

Can Parents Protect Their From Tv Violence Essay Ph D Thesis Abstract

The burden of supervision falls onto their parents.

Media often plays a very strong role on how a child acts toward different situations.

Sometimes the behaviors that they express are very violent and aggressive because the child believes that is the proper way of dealing with the situation.

Most children now have video games, televisions of their own, cellphones, tablets, laptops, and ipods.

Children are being raised by the electronics that they are surrounded by rather than their parents.


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