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On the other hand, existing businesses should include their historical financial data and projected financial statements based on those data. A good business plan does not have to include business jargons and other hard-to-digest language.An effective business plan is one that involves simple, concise and direct language.It also should include the competitive advantage the business has in offering these products, and the problems solved by these products or services.

Management and Organization This is crucial to business success.

Here, the specific functions of each office within the business are clearly stated and the employed personnel fully qualified to handle the tasks allotted to their office.

If your business plan should be taken seriously, then this is where the real work lies.

Financiers and investors pay closest attention to the executive summary as it summarizes what the entire business is all about and the viability of this business.

Specify the manner for recruitment, qualifications of employees, compensation strategy, etc. This aspect includes the fundamental financial statements, projected for up to five years, and financial ratios, to determine the stability of the business.

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For start-up ventures, financial statements will mainly include projections.

Whether you are still starting or you are already on an expansion process, providing the necessary information will provide a sense of confidence. Highlight the unique features and benefits that your product or service will offer to customers.

Moreover, provide realistic and important information, such as the product life cycle, delivery methods, packaging and other relevant tidbits.

Developing an effective business plan can pose a few challenges for the beginner as well as the experienced.

There is no specific content for a business plan; rather, the type of audience and the goals that the company aims to achieve determine the content.


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