Business Plan For A Farm

Explain your farm operation’s marketing strategies. Include a forecast for the number of target customers and sales, such as 25 million gallons of milk or 100,000 crates of eggs each year.

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so the saying goes.

Create a written explanation of how your operation intends on generating profit.

Present a few tables to emphasize the financial forecasts.

List the legal business description of your farming business, such as sole proprietor, partnership or corporation.

Complete a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your farm operation.However, farming is a tough business, and without a solid business plan, it can be difficult for a first-time farmer to make ends meet.Preparing a business plan can feel a bid tedious, especially if you don’t spend much time typing on a computer.“A good business-planning process will put you through the paces of assessing the realities: exploring markets, looking at your assets, and thinking about what you can realistically do with your time and skills,” says Jody Padgham, editor of (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Ed Service, 2012).“Even if you never show your business plan to anyone else, it will be very valuable in helping you think your farm business through from every angle.” The best plans are those that are constantly revisited, revised, and that incorporate changes in the business environment or marketplace as they occur.Farm operations encounter many more challenges than other businesses.Considerations like production risk, weather challenges and livestock demands can quickly become a detriment to an unplanned and unorganized farm.Include the goals and missions of your business and explain the farm’s short and long-term goals.Provide a brief review of the farming industry’s trends, growth patterns and economic standpoints.Regardless of the size of your farm when starting out, whether operating a small truck farm that sells produce at a weekly farmers’ market or a farm with multiple enterprises that support your entire family plus some part-time employees, getting a plan down on paper is essential to your success.Undoubtedly, when beginning farmers get started, it’s their passion for feeding the world good food and taking care of the land that drives their ventures.


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