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A common example is a brainstorm to elicit ideas but these ideas are usually accepted without question. Could we record our work and publish as an audio / video version?

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It is also the technical knowledge of writing whether it is the idea of building a story, developing a character or use of simile and metaphor in a poem.

: This is the development of the skills needed to think and act creatively.

The audience is usually the teacher but we, as teachers, need to be more creative when providing an audience. I will now finish of the blog with a simple case study and an activity that requires very little preparation but produces lots of output.

I taught a class of teenagers aged between 14 and 16 in Bangkok Thailand at a private language school.

Contrast this with writing a news article or describing a graph.

These cannot be seen as being creative as the main concept is the delivery of facts which do not convey the feeling of the writer or require imagination.Creative writing is an excellent opportunity for students to make things up and express themselves originally to an audience.Teenagers like to make things up and often want to express themselves but can feel self-conscious when asked to do this orally and ‘in front of the class’.This usually contains subjects such as relationships, family, crime, health and so on.While these areas may be difficult to speak about orally they can be better represented and expressed on paper.The final work created is usually memorable and can be kept and shown to different audiences.It can also be used to reflect upon and provide a sense of progress further down the line.I will then provide some practical activities for you to try with your students and present a simple case study from one of my own classes.First of all let’s look at some definitions of the word ‘creative’.This blog will explore the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of creative writing.In addition, we will also examine three major components of creativity.


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