Broiler Chicken Farming Business Plan

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It was closed for many years therefore we had to re-do the entire infrastructure. In our area we have many broiler poultry farms whereas there is only handful of layer poultry farms hence we opted for later because market demand of egg is consistent and never fades off. It is too less an amount therefore we knew if the farm has to be profitable then we have to increase our turnover.

The farm has the capacity to manage 72 thousand poultry birds. Considering it we developed the infrastructure accordingly irrespective of high capital investment!

A good marketing plan entails that you put down who your target market is, and how exactly you intend to get your products to your target market.

Our Products and Services Smith Baker Poultry Farms, LLC is a poultry farming business that will be situated in Maryland, Baltimore; and it will be committed to providing its services in the following areas: Market Trend The sales revenue in the poultry farming business has soared in the past few years.

Our target market includes the following groups: Competitive Advantage The poultry farming business is one agribusiness that is highly reputed to be very profitable.

This is why it is most likely that you will find lots of entrepreneurs heading in the direction of this business.We will make sure the prices for our products are reasonable to our customers, and at the same time, competitive enough to guarantee us of some substantial profits.Poultry Farming is a very high Investment farming activity , but the returns are very promising. It was a learning journey for three of them that they sail through it with dedication and consistent learning which they say would continue forever.Sales and Marketing Strategy We have been able to carry out detailed research on the poultry farming industry in the United States, and we have come to the conclusion that the reason a lot of the poultry farming businesses do not do well is because of their inability to sell off their products to a larger market.In view of this, with the help of some sales experts, we have been able to come up with several sales and marketing strategies.Also, we will make sure we select good breeds that will ensure we get good harvests, and we will make sure we cut down to the barest minimum, the cost of running our poultry farm.The poultry farming business is one where farmers set the prices of their products based on discretion.A lot of efforts have been made to make sure that the products of our poultry farming business fill every part of the United States, not just Baltimore.We have been able to undergo a thorough market research and determine the target market for our poultry farming business.Pricing Strategy There are several influencing factors that go a long way in determining the prices of our poultry farm products.In order for us to have good prices for our products, we have been able to secure a good location in Maryland, Baltimore for our poultry farming business.


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