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[tags: beowulf, christianity, epic poem] - Throughout history women have always been considered lesser than men.Women were portrayed as property to men, nothing more.They were supposed to be seen and not heard, and were basically servants to their husbands and fathers.

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[tags: 18th Century British Literature] - During this semester we learned about many different authors from different time periods and their views on life.

These authors wrote about many things from their personal lives to the issues of the society they lived in.

At the time he wrote these works, John Donne’s fames didn’t really occur significantly until after his death.

From a young age he was a very well educated man, and excelled onto college, obtained a job, and established a variety of careers....

England at these times were going through many changes that impacted the lives of everyone, not only of those living within the country but, of those who resided in other countries too.

Throughout the history of British Literature there are many similar and some contrasting views on universal issues between artist....

When a man told them to do something they had to do it.

Throughout the literature women started desiring more respect and power....

Readers are able to feel and imagine, what it is like during the time.

They are able to connect with the author, time period, character and the story.


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