Borderline Personality Disorder Thesis

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Causal factors areonly partly known due to a scarcity of prospective, longitudinal studies whichenable one to delineate the time ordering of antecedents, and allow for tentativecausal inferences.This thesis explored the developmental precursors of BPDsymptoms at 11 years, using a British cohort sample, with assessmentspertaining to the study child from pregnancy to 11 years of age. Firstly, the predictive relationship betweenexposure to maladaptive parenting and subsequent BPD symptoms was exploredwithin a child population, using a clinically relevant assessment of BPDsymptoms.

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Participants in clinical groups completed the SCID-II interview for Borderline Personality Disorder and the SCID-I Mood Episodes and Anxiety Disorders modules.

Results indicate that for females with BPD, sense of self is significantly more negative in content when compared with females with anxiety and depression and those with no history of mental health difficulties.

There can be a lot of symptoms of BPD, but extreme behaviors generally characterize all of them.

Individuals with this kind of disorder can look strange and even threatening during their attacks.

This study was designed to extend current aetiologicalmodels, which focus on parental rather than peer relationships.

It was based onthe recognition of a strong interpersonal core in the BPD symptom constellation,and the role of trauma experiences in the development of BPD.

In addition, these attacks start suddenly, and during them, a person cannot control himself or herself.

All these factors give some people reasons to call these attacks the manifestation of the devil’s presence.

This association has been previously shown in a range ofretrospective studies.

Secondly, the role of peer victimisation in the developmentof BPD was considered.


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