Boon And Bane Of Science Essay

Antibiotics, knowledge won through scientific discovery, is a stable chemical compound that remains within the human body for a long time. For the time being, antibiotics like penicillin has saved as many as 80,000,000 lives.One of the compelling arguments against the use of antibiotics relates to how diseases slowly grow immune to antibiotics and other treatments, and the immunity of these diseases could one day cause severe problems for humanity with a super disease that they can't treat.In the future, it could mean more problems than what it solves.

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Whenever someone sprays hair spray, it depletes the ozone layer, which will hurt us over the long term if we're not careful to address these environmental concerns.

In the past, most people in the western hemisphere viewed countries of the East as more exotic.

Today, in the 21st century, science's subtle hand can be found in evidence everywhere.

Every aspect of our modern human existence circles back to science whether we're talking food, recreation or the classroom.

The concerns are the seed product of technology, and it begins with sound reasoning, research, thinking, evaluation, features, and finally, you discover the hard facts of a subject.

Almost all researchers have followed the scientific method in one way or another, but sometimes it gets diluted through politics and secret agendas.First of all I am going to assume that boon is in the yes column.Science is fundamentally neutral - whether it is good or bad is dependent upon the people creating it and ultimately using it.For example, when the BP oil spill happened, we wouldn't even be in that mess if it weren't for scientific advances that made those things possible.To extract the oil from deep sea drilling, for example, we needed a great deal of scientific research involved in how to conduct deep sea drilling.And of course most other science would not have the same problems on the bane column.If not for the field of medical science, we might still face calamitous diseases like the black plague that ravaged Europe before it continued on a destructive path to Russia.Science has engineered a form of hydrocarbon bacteria and microbes that feed off the polluted parts of the ocean, called Alcanivorax borkumensis.These microbes are available even now, but unfortunately, science has not yet reached a point where they are effective. Most people won't argue how we wouldn't be in a lot of the messes we have today if it weren't for science.Beyond any shadow of a doubt, science will continue to advance well into the future.One of its more interesting discoveries has been the possible use of bacteria to help clean up oceanic oil spills like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


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