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Florence: Le Lettere (Libreria Commissionaria Sansoni; Biblioteca Laurenziana), 2000.

Florence: Le Lettere (Libreria Commissionaria Sansoni; Biblioteca Laurenziana), 2000.

FLORIN WEBSITE JULIA BOLTON HOLLOWAY, AUREO ANELLO ASSOCIAZIONE, 1997-2019: MEDIEVAL: BRUNETTO LATINO, DANTE ALIGHIERI, SWEET NEW STYLE: BRUNETTO LATINO, DANTE ALIGHIERI, & GEOFFREY CHAUCER || VICTORIAN: Countries lived in: England, France, America, Italy; Countries visited: Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Wales, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Sinai, Iceland, Russia; Pilgrimages: Canterbury, Rome, Compostela, Jerusalem Privately reprinted in different format, facsimile of manuscript, two volume, boxed set.

Introduction, Franca Arduini, Forward, Francesco Mazzoni, Transcription, Julia Bolton Holloway.

', University of California, Berkeley; Workshop: 'Julian of Norwich in Contemplation'; 'Anchoress and Cardinal: Julian of Norwich and Adam Easton, O. B.', International Medieval Studies Congress, Western Michigan University; Retreat, ''; The City and the Book, Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei 500; La Certosa, May 30, 31, June 1, Florence; Book Fair, Piazzale Donatello 38, June 2-3; 'The Earliest Life of St Gregory by a Monk or Nun at Whitby', "Ma noi siam peregrin come voi siete": Il santuario ed il pellegrinaggio di Canterbury, Dall'Italia a Canterbury, Culto e pellegrinaggio italiano per Thomas Becket, Firenze; Exhibition, 'Florence in Sepia', Sala Ferri, Palazzo Strozzi, Exhibition, 'Florence in Sepia', Gatehouse, English Cemetery, Florence; 'Museum Thoughts', Princeton University Museum, 'Brown Ink and Red Blood: Brunetto Latino and Dante Alighieri', University of Colorado, Boulder, 'Julian of Norwich's Manuscripts, The in a Cloud of Unknowing', University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 'Digitizing Brunetto Latino as Key to Dante Alighieri', Western Michigan University, International Medieval Studies Congress; 'Brunetto Latino's in the St Petersburg and the Laurentian Libraries', St Petersburg, UNESCO; 'Donne nella Cristianit', Associazione Fioretta Mazzei, Villa Guicciardini, Florence; 'The Earliest Latin-English Dictionary was Written for Schoolchildren', Leeds University, Medieval Congress; 'Julian of Norwich', University of East Anglia.

Florence, English Church of St Mark, Bishop's Salone, ' Two Advent Talks on Julian of Norwich: Beginnings and Annunciation; Endings and Crucifixion '; 'Women and the Book', Syracuse University Program in Florence; ' Laurel Garland: Women of the Risorgimento ', SACI, Florence.

On the (1368) Westminster Cathedral Manuscript: Its Relationshiop to the (1393) Paris Long Text and the (1413) British Library Short Text of Julian of Norwich's Showings. 'Preface and Sampler '; 'Sacrament and Gospel '; ''Contemplating on Hebrew '; 'Julian's Mystic Philosophy: Augustine, Boethius, Dionysius, Gregory, Benedict, Dante '; 'Helena, Egeria, and Paula: The Bible and Women Pilgrims' ; 'Hilda and Caedmon: The Dream of the Rood '; 'The Most Ancient of St Gregory the Great by a Monk or Nun of Whitby '; 'La Beata Umilt: Contemplating on Holy Humility '; 'Godfriends: The Continental Medieval Mystics '; 'The Mystics' Internet: Birgitta of Sweden, Catherine of Siena, Julian of Norwich, Margery of Lynn, Francesca of Rome'; 'Henry Suso: Horologium Sapientiae 'Computer of Wisdom' '; 'Jan Van Ruusbroec, The Sparkling Stone '; 'Julian of Norwich: The Westminster Cathedral/Abbey Manuscript '; 'Anchoress and Cardinal: Textual Communities and Gendered Audiences '; The Soul a City: Margery and Julian '; 'A Julian-Related Manuscript in Norwich Castle '; Julian's Showings in a Nutshell: Her Manuscripts and Their Cultural Contexts' ; John of the Cross: If You Would be Perfect' ; 'Margaret Gascoigne/ Bridget More; Contemplating on Julian '; 'Colections: An English Nun in Exile '; 'Mother Agnes Mason, C. F., Foundress, Community of the Holy Family '; 'Sacred Conversation: Contemplative Art '; 'Royal Priesthood: Theory into Practise '; 'The Lord's Prayer: Our Father: Julian of Norwich, Evelyn Underhill, Simone Weil, Edith Stein' ; 'Heavenwindow: Prayers for Contemplation '; 'The Sabbath a Bride: Christianity and Sexuality '; 'Tangled Tales' Julian among the Books: Julian of Norwich's Theological Library. ISBN (10): 1-4438-8894-X, ISBN (13) 978-1-4438-8894-3.

Florence's Political Theologians: Don Giulio Facibeni, Giorgio La Pira, Fioretta Mazzei, Pietro Parigi, Don Lorenzo Milani, Giannozzo Pucci, Amicizia Ebraico-Cristiana


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