Boeing 7e7 Case Study Solution

Boeing partnered with subcontractors on a risk-sharing basis for manufacturing parts and subassemblies, while the final assemble was done by Boeing.

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Long the dominant player in the commercial aerospace industry, Boeing has been steadily losing market share to Airbus from the mid-1990s onwards (represented in Exhibit 1).

IIt looked as if 2006 would be the year that Boeing could boast of a comeback in its three-decadeslong duel with Airbus Industries.

Case Summary The Boeing 767: From Concept to Production (A) By: Runit Marda (115) The case deals about the issue faced by Dean Thorton, Vice president – General Manager of the Boeing 767 program.

The company had lobbied for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for permission to build wide body aircraft with two-person cockpits (rather than 3). The decision had to be taken fast as the delivery dates were fast approaching.

Later a British and a Spanish company joined the consortium.

Initially, few people gave Airbus much chance for success, but the consortium gained ground by innovating.

The newest member of the Boeing family, the 787, lists for between 8 million and 8 million, depending on the model.1 Similarly, Airbus offers four families: the narrow-bodied A320 family and the wide-bodied A300/310, C1 C2 PART 5 Cases in Strategic Management A330/340, and A380 families. Airbus was a relatively recent entrant into the market.

Airbus began its life as a consortium between a French and a Germany company in 1970.

They vary in size from 110 to 215 seats and in range capability from 2,000 to over 5,000 miles.

List prices vary from million for the smallest member of the 737 family, the 737600, to 2 million for the largest Boeing aircraft, the 747-8. The A380 super jumbo lists for between 2 million and 2 million, while the smaller A320 lists for between million and .5 million.2 Both companies also offer freighter versions of their wide-bodied aircraft.


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