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There might be many different interpretations possible.

Genre: A category or type of music, art or literature, usually with its own typical conventions.

This indicates that she had to sacrifice any youthful enjoyment and financial security to care for her children - she cannot gain financial security because she is unable to get a full-time job, due to her having to care for the children and the decline in the economy.

'Mrs Johnstone' is also uneducated and Russell implies this through a number of different ways.

Assessment focus: AO3: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre are developed and performed. Students are expected to know and understand: 4 the characteristics and context of the whole play they have studied.

One extract from each set play is printed in the question paper.She does not value intellectual or academic pursuits and this is why she is superstitious.It also means that she lacks concern for the education of her children and this is shown by her taking little interest when 'Sammy' and 'Mickey' are suspended for their behaviour.For example she rejoices in her relocation but does not wonder how it occurs, to her it is merely the work of fate's lucky hand.In addition to her being a fatalistic character, she also does not think about the consequences that may confront her.On the other hand 'Mrs Johnstone' is also a very lively character.She has a zest for life and this is shown in the play through her passion for dancing, however she is also lively in her general attitude.Characters: The people involved in the action of a play, film or novel.Sean Jones as Mickey and Simon Willmont as Eddie in Blood Brothers 22 COMPONENT 1: UNDERSTANDING DRAMA SECTION B STUDY OF A SET PLAY: BLOOD BROTHERS For Component 1, Section B, you will study one of six set plays.This suggests that she is naturally a maternal character, embracing new life and showing her caring personality.William Russell (Russell) may also be hinting at religious rulings against contraception in her life, therefore implying that she is a Catholic.


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