Biology Personal Statement Oxbridge

Everyone was friendly and approachable, and I felt very comfortable very quickly.

Most people there were in the same boat as me and therefore I did not feel out of place.

I thought the vast majority of people would be rich, the courses would be tough and leave no time for fun and I also thought that my class would make me stick out like a sore thumb.

This left me in a position where I thought that I might not be good enough and did not have the resources to be able to apply to such a prestigious place.

Another critical thing that UNIQ did was provide loads of advice on how to apply to the university.

Instead of listening to teachers trying to guess what Oxford considers to be a good application, UNIQ set up sessions in which actual admissions tutors told you what makes a candidate good and bad.

Here, we help you make a more informed decision by breaking down what actually happens in the typical day of an Oxford science student.

Applying to Oxbridge - let alone university - can seem like a daunting process and you might be worrying about where to start.

I found UNIQ and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to see if my ideas about Oxford were wrong and to also learn more about the process of applying to the university.

It was clear within a few hours on the first day of the course that I knew I was wrong about many things.


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