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You will supplement your courses in biology with sequences in organic chemistry.All of your advanced coursework is designed to give you maximal opportunities to increase your skill and familiarity with research laboratory procedures.Required coursework will depend upon the program chosen.

More Info There is a severe shortage of qualified high school chemistry teachers in Florida and nationwide.

Students interested in becoming part of this high-demand profession should see a chemistry advisor about the UFTeach program.

The strong laboratory and research focus of this major prepares you for graduate study or to enter careers in high-growth areas such as biotechnology and health care research.

Biochemistry and molecular biology majors are well prepared for research, for teaching or service careers in the life sciences, and for graduate or professional programs in medicine, pharmacy, health sciences and biological sciences.

Students who pursue this major simultaneously fulfill all of the science coursework required by medical schools.

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Faculty members are also active in research and often include students in their work.

Many graduates enter employment in the biomedical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agricultural research and chemical industries.

Others find work in university, government or hospital research laboratories.

Our biochemistry program offers excellent training and coursework in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and bioorganic chemistry.

It integrates chemical principles with modern molecular biology.


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