Benefits Of Undergraduate Thesis

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Thesis students should choose a set of appropriate core and elective courses in consultation with their Thesis Advisor and academic advisors to develop domain knowledge, analysis skills, research methodology skills, design and development skills, and/or possibly experience in research-oriented writing or entrepreneurial skills.Generally students will need the background knowledge of one of the Information Systems majors or minors, or a closely related program.Summer Research: We strongly recommend thesis students to participate in either a formal summer research program or informal summer research under the guidance of their Thesis Advisor or Thesis Committee Member during the summer before their final thesis year.

Academic Year Research: If students cannot work on research during the summer, they should arrange to conduct research under the guidance of their Thesis Advisor or Thesis Committee Member for a corresponding amount of time during regular semesters.

Because research practice is so important to success, students unable to make such commitments must gain permission from their Thesis Advisor to continue the thesis program.

IS 488 or an equivalent independent study course may be waived in exceptional circumstances where the Thesis Advisor or Program Director ascertains equivalent progress has been made in other ways.

We also recommend that all thesis students take ENG 352H and any research methods courses recommended by your Thesis Advisor.

Students are required to take IS 488 and IS 489, or two equivalent independent study and research thesis courses in other majors.

Benefits Of Undergraduate Thesis

Honors students should take the honors version of these courses.Your Thesis Advisor can be any Distinguished Professor, Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor or University Lecturer active in research, including Joint Appointment Faculty, Professors Emeriti and Research Professors, listed on the IS Department Faculty web page.Your Thesis Committee will comprise your Thesis Advisor and 2 other faculty members active in research and appropriate for your research area.For more information and suggested Thesis Advisors appropriate to your interests, contact the Information Systems Undergraduate Program Director.The culmination of this process is the senior thesis, which provides a unique opportunity for students to pursue original research and scholarship in a field of their choosing.Many domains are possible such as business, medical and health care, and educational systems.Possible types of thesis studies include: The thesis program is designed to fit within a student’s regular degree program and standard time to completion, using elective courses and taking advantage of research opportunities outside of formal classes.These faculty do not need to hold appointments with the IS Department, but must be approved by the IS Undergraduate Program Director.Your Thesis Advisor or at least one other Thesis Committee member must hold one of the professor ranks.A thesis will substantially prepare students, strengthen their education, and give them a distinct advantage for a graduate degree and successful career.Students may be IS majors or have a keen interest in researching an IS related topic.


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