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Many believe it is all how the person or thing looks, they think it is about the looks of a person or their physical features. Webster’s dictionary defines beauty as “an assemblage of graces or properties pleasing to the eye, the ear, the intellect, the æsthetic faculty, or the moral sense”, but beauty cannot be summed up by one source, beauty is what is all around....[tags: Beauty, Human physical appearance] - The young woman looks into the young man's eyes and realizes that they cannot get married and spend the rest of their lives together. They were just drawn together by mere physicality, and are not attracted to each other as a person because their backgrounds and personalities are far too incompatible.[tags: Poetry, Beauty, Aesthetics] - Attractive people are treated better, have more friends and are more successful, both in relationships and professionally, than their unattractive peers (Cowley, 1996).

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[tags: Human physical appearance, Beauty, Aesthetics] - Sophia Loren once said, “Beauty is how you feel on the inside, and it reflects in your eyes.” Each individual has their own view on what he or she considers beautiful. Physical beauty is observed with the human eye while inner beauty comes from within a person.

[tags: appearance, self, balance] - Physical Beauty There is a famous saying that states, “ we should not judge a book by its cover”, but oftentimes the first thing noticed on a person is their looks.

One’s “physical beauty” strongly influences people’s first impressions of them.

We live in a society where girls need to be six feet tall and a size two to be considered beautiful, a society where men have fixed ideas of a perfect women; an unattainable beauty that is both destructive and unhealthy....

[tags: Human physical appearance, Beauty, Aesthetics] - What is Beauty.


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