Beatitudes Essay

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Loving and caring for a neighbor is so essential since with it everyone lives at peace with everyone. Mathew 5:3 to 15 Beatitudes: Introduction: According to this chapter Jesus sat on the mountain side, a crowd including his disciples had followed him to listen to his teachings, this is where Jesus taught them the beatitudes that are in the book of Mathew.

Beatitudes also means blessings which shows the blessings that faithful Christians will get as reward.

Thus, every Christian needs to look forward the reign of God and prepare oneself in the Christian character.

The primary learning I had from this analysis is that a "Christian is (or should be) defined as one who humbles himself or herself and chooses to enter into discipleship, to follow Jesus' path, to build his or her life upon his teachings and his practices even at great cost, to pass those teachings and practices on to others, and thus to enjoy the unspeakable privilege of participating in the advance of God's reign." (Stassen and Gushee, 30)Secondly, it is important to realize that the true followers of Christ will be heavily blessed and Jesus addresses his disciples blessed. The passage takes place as part of the very first prayer that Jesus gives when all of his students gather together to listen to the Sermon on the Mount.

Beatitudes Essay

This sermon can be considered Jesus’ most important teaching... Task Sermon on the Mount Introduction The sermon on the mount, the speech, which Jesus Christ, gave to the disciples and followers.

There are several aspects that should be mentioned with regard to it.

Thus, the Beatitudes are often called “ethical apocalypticisms”. Indeed, they put emphasis on the kind of life that will ensure that in the time of Apocalypse people will be able to save their souls.

It has been interpreted in many different ways by various critics.

Some have viewed n the teachings as impossible since one cannot completely avoid evil, while some have viewed it as very encouraging and teaching to the people.


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