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The results provide useful tips that can help in understanding the concept of interference control in such patients. Autism has evolved to become a contemporary issue in aging debates and studies due to the rising case of the condition and its impact on the health and wellbeing of older adults.

These findings show that age affects interference control in people with autism. Developmental Psychology, 53(2), 379-395.doi:10.1037/dev0000219.

Furthermore, they support the long-held notion that people with autism tend to be more cautious as they age.

Over the years, researchers have focused on children while examining this mental disorder.

Such studies often examine the symptoms of the condition as well as the challenges that autistic children face as they grow up (Geurts, 2012; Smith, 2012).

The researcher concluded that basic demographics such as aging affect the progression of the disease and determine its impact on cognitive functioning and working memory performance. (2017) showed that aging affects interference control among adults with autism.

In this case, the researchers compared performance of adults and young people with autism in a Simon conflict task. While exploring the relationship between aging and autism, Lever et al.(2015) noted that aging often affects the working memory performance in all human beings.Autism is a severe mental condition that often causes suffering from the early years of life.The condition results in challenges related with forming relationships, communicating, and using abstract and language concepts.These age-specific changes cause anatomic abnormalities such as reduced cognitive functioning and communication problems that affect a person's health and wellbeing.Thus, caregivers must understand the anatomic changes that occur as autistic people age so that they can come up with the right intervention that will lead to desirable clinical outcomes.The study revealed that young people with autism made faster and more errors compared to adults with the condition. In the adult life span, the number and frequency of such errors reduced significantly. Reactive and proactive interference control in adults with autism spectrum disorder across the lifespan. According to Mukaetova-Ladinska, Perry, Baron, and Povey (2012), the escalating number of autistic individuals in the society has transformed autism into a major issue in the provision of healthcare services for an aging population. Moreover, it has motivated researchers to explore the relationship between the condition and aging with the intention of providing evidence that caregivers can use to come up with behavioral and cognitive assessment tools for managing the condition.


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