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The Yoga school has some philosophical similarities to the Samkhya school: in Yoga there are many individual atmans rather than a single universal atman.Yoga, however, also includes a set of techniques for "knowing atman" or achieving self-knowledge.The relationships between Atman ~ being the "Self" ~ and Brahman ~ being the "World Soul" ~ are central to the religiously inspired world view of most Hindus:- The Self which is free from sin, free from old age, from death and from grief, from hunger and thirst, which desires nothing but what it ought to desire, and imagines nothing but what it ought to imagine, that it is which we must search out, that it is which we must try to understand.

The Yoga school has some philosophical similarities to the Samkhya school: in Yoga there are many individual atmans rather than a single universal atman.

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They are discussed and named as distinct from one another, but they are not always thought of as distinct; in some schools of Hindu thought, atman is Brahman.

Atman is similar to the Western idea of the soul, but it is not identical.

The final stage of moksha (liberation) is the understanding that one's atman is, in fact, Brahman.

The concept of the atman is central to all six major schools of Hinduism, and it is one of the major differences between Hinduism and Buddhism.

It may be that Hinduism should more properly referred to as Vedanta, and that Indian philosophy should be more properly referred to as Vedic philosophy because of these roots in the Vedas.

A certain difficulty for people brought up in monotheistic faith based cultures, in relation to Hinduism and Vedic-Hindu doctrine, lies in the view that Vedic philosophy speaks of Mystical Union as being with "The Atman which is Brahman".

According to the Upanishads, atman and Brahman are part of the same substance; atman returns to Brahman when the atman is finally liberated and is no longer reincarnated. All six accept the reality of the atman, and each stresses the importance of "knowing atman" (self-knowledge), but each interprets the concepts slightly differently.

This return, or reabsorption into Brahman, is called moksha. In general, atman is understood to be: The Nyaya School includes many scholars whose ideas have had an impact on other schools of Hinduism.

The concepts of atman and Brahman are generally described metaphorically in the Upanishads; for example, the Chandogya Upanishad includes this passage in which Uddalaka is enlightening his son, Shvetaketu: As the rivers flowing east and west Merge in the sea and become one with it, Forgetting they were separate rivers, So do all creatures lose their separateness When they merge at last into pure Being. Nyaya scholars suggest that consciousness exists as part of the atman, and use rational arguments to support the existence of atman as an individual self or soul.

The This school of Hinduism is described as atomistic, meaning that many parts make up the whole of reality.


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