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Interestingly, the funny thing is that we actually use ADPIE in everyday situations without even realizing it. As the first step in the process, gathering all this information will allow you to proceed with the next step: your nursing diagnosis.Once you see how simple it is to think about, it will be easier to break it down during your exams. Well,” you say to yourself, “it seems to me from all my evidence here, that my coffee must’ve leaked out onto my computer, and therefore my computer is not working because it has gotten soaked with coffee! So just like that, in our clinical assessment, we make a nursing diagnosis, where we identify actual or potential medical /health risks.NCSBN reports the 2018 NCLEX pass rates (for BSN programs) as 92.39%.

Interventions should not be implemented, the fourth step, until an assessment has been done.So passing the NCLEX on the first attempt is a huge priority Nursing school is a challenging experience.Nursing student constantly question “why is nursing school so hard?Because it took a little longer to brew, you’re running 10 minutes late to class. When you look at your computer and have figured out the cause, you now have to make a quick plan. You decide here that you need to run to get this computer fixed by a professional.You pour that delicious, warm drink into your thermos, frantically throw it in your backpack, and book it to school. “Let’s see,” you think, “I have to call to see if the store is open, make an appointment, find out if my computer was backed up, leave school, take the bus to 33rd street, walk two blocks…”When we apply that to nursing, we make a plan based on the assessment and nursing diagnosis of our patient.As the action portion of the process, this is where our plans are carried out.Implementation is the step where we finally intervene to help them, like physically giving drugs, educate, monitor, etc. And finally, we evaluate; the “E” in the ADPIE nursing process.It is vital that you have a strong foundation of it in order to be a successful future nurse, so that’s why we’re here to break it down for you.The nursing process does involve a lot of critical thinking skills, and since many nursing test questions are based on this concept, it’ll make your whole life easier once you understand it for good! These are all observations and data collection that you would take into account when doing an assessment on a patient.”See how understanding how the nursing process can help you with those tricky questions? Remember, you have to get the nursing process down as a fundamental concept in order to build your critical thinking skills to not only pass your exams, but to also become a great nurse, so make sure you understand it!One question is at the forefront of the mind of nearly every nursing student “How to pass the NCLEX?


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