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Contrary to popular belief, most astronomers do not spend most of their time at telescopes.An astronomer will often record enough data in a week's observations at a telescope to be kept busy back at their home institution for much of the year.If that applies to you, evening lecture courses or online courses may be most appropriate.

A list of Astronomical Societies appears regularly in Sky & Space and Australian Sky & Telescope and many of them have Internet sites (see the list of websites at (

SID=1000022) on the Australian Astronomy web site (

The Society represents these people, arranges scientific conferences, and publishes research papers.

In general, keen amateur astronomers are best catered for by local amateur astronomy groups as mentioned in the section 'Information and Courses in Astronomy'.

This webpage was produced by the Astronomical Society of Australia in response to many enquiries from those who share our interest in astronomy.

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The Society has no permanent headquarters, such as an observatory, but brings together professional scientists and students working in astronomy or a closely related subject, plus astronomy educators and some amateur astronomers who are involved in research projects.Note though that the employment situation in professional astronomy is very competitive, even for students who graduate with excellent Ph Ds.Professional astronomers get a real kick out of doing what they like best but, of course, there is a snag.Some people decide at some stage in their lives that they would like to earn their living by working on a particular aspect of astronomical research.They may not have had an amateur interest in astronomy from an early age, but have turned to this science through an interest in some astronomical application of mathematics, physics or another subject.You should make enquiries of the universities themselves shortly before you have to make the choice of which tertiary institution to attend.Many people aim to improve their knowledge of astronomy so that they can get more out of it as a hobby or for other reasons, for example, to aid their work as science educators or science communicators.Astronomy is a very exciting and challenging subject which involves many of the other sciences such as physics, mathematics, chemistry and geology, and, more recently, even paleontology and biology.Many people are fascinated by the splendour and enormity of objects in space and become amateur astronomers while still at school.Most of the work is done using computer analysis, so computer skills are very important, and astronomy graduates gain a wide range of computer skills.Here we must be careful not give a false idea of the number of positions available in astronomical research.


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