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The artificial intelligence is also widely used by in journalism.Artificial intelligence is capable of producing articles that are similar or better than those composed and written by humans.

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AI is regulated by people, and currently there are no technologies more powerful than the human brain.

AI can lead to the transformation of society (which is currently observed) but not to extinction, as people remain the most powerful creatures on the planet.

One main usage of artificial intelligence is video games, whereby one computer acts as an opponent player in a game.

Artificial intelligence efforts began a long time ago.

Among them are the healthcare sector and high-risk factories.

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Each year, scientists demonstrate many new capacities of AI which can perform the functions which are impossible for people.The incorporation of artificial intelligence in the world and more especially in the job market poses a great threat to the workers in different sectors of the economy.The development of artificial intelligence, therefore, may lead to the loss of many jobs among the world’s working population.Today, people must understand that the development of AI cannot be stopped because of its beneficial factors for people in various spheres.Some scientists underline that it is necessary to coordinate the work of people with the possibilities of AI.The fears about the threatening power of AI was generated by science fiction and movies, which describe the machine revolts and their establishment as the only power in the world. Such fears are aggravated by the conclusion of such scientists as Russell, Dewey, and Tegmark, who claimed in their investigation that when people lose their control over AI, it will become “more dangerous than nuclear weapons” (p. But it is necessary to remember that AI is often controlled by people, and it may lead to destruction only “if the control of machines drives in the incorrect manner” (Saranya and Phil 314).In such a way, everything depends on human desire and the way in which people operate the capacities of AI.The efforts to create machines that would incorporate human intelligence were necessary to help humans in solving problems that were risky, needed speed and of high capacity.Many pieces of research were undertaken to develop artificial intelligence.As a result, there are concerns that AI can reach the highest point of its development and lead to human extinction.However, these fears should not be taken seriously.


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