Art Architecture Ancient Egypt Essay

The tombs were exquisitely decorated with fine paintings or carved reliefs of religious texts that would help the dead successfully navigate their way to the afterlife.

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A means to an end The ancient Egyptians had no word for art and no concept of art for art's sake.

For them, the images had a more important purpose - representing the life of the tomb's occupant and forming the basis of their life after death.

The students will have seen prehistoric cave paintings by this point and might look at wall paintings in the interior of mastabas and pyramids during this lesson.

Compare and contrast ancient motivations for creating visual imagery on walls (communication of ideas, ritual, tradition, commemoration, status) with, for example, Arab Spring graffiti (and further examples from the Occupy movement) to demonstrate that wall art continues and still means some of the same things.

Kings and queens had skinny chests and shoulders, and massive hips, thighs and buttocks.

A short shock Akenhaten's willingness to ditch tradition altogether was a forerunner of things to come.

The Colossi of Memnon dominated the plains around Thebes, while the temples for the pharaoh and his wife, Queen Tiy, set new standards in royal opulence.

But even these were overshadowed by the building program of Ramesses II.

Almost every temple in Egypt was rebuilt, redecorated or expanded .

In Thebes, the great temple to Amen-Re gained a new entrance with four colossi of the pharaoh, to remind people who was in charge.


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