Army Problem Solving

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"This is the first time being in a leadership position in front of some of my peers, so it's natural to fear looking incompetent," she said.

At the start of each obstacle the team would appoint a new leader to develop a plan and execute.

Three of the obstacles required planks that were used to get the team across a raging river or to deliver ammo cans to a depleted platoon.

Some of the planks were different sizes, which required the designated leader to plan and adjust as team members were climbing across.

"I could see the teams develop in the short time we were on the obstacles.

It is a great feeling to see the ‘light come on' when a leadership theory becomes practical and applicable through the exercise," he said.

Your entire time in uniform was spent navigating solutions to complex challenges.

As you transition, step back from the “what” of your service and focus on the “how” and “why”?

You are ensuring that the men and women you lead are able to continue their military service in a meaningful way.

In other words, the benefit of your ability to solve that problem are more than just the impact to the direct troops.


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