Army Officer Assignments

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As a result, any advantage the non-detailed officers may have had in job experience is ameliorated by the uniform education all officers receive at the career course.

It also helps that there is widespread acceptance that serving in the combat arms is excellent preparation for service in any branch of the Army.

For a tenured FS-4 or new FS-3 (the rank equivalents of an Army captain and major) this entails many cone-specific tasks and may include supervising locally employed staff and direct-hire employees, or managing a small section.

It goes without saying that in an ideal world officers would first gain exposure to their cone prior to entering a management position.

Practically, it isn’t hugely important whether an Army officer served in their assigned branch as a lieutenant.

This is because on promotion to captain all officers must attend the comprehensive Captains Career Course of their assigned branch.

BY ANDREW KELLY In April’s President’s Views column “Building the Deep Bench,” Ambassador Barbara Stephenson brought up the challenge that surging demand for consular adjudicators poses to the career development of entry-level officers.

With increasing frequency, non-consular coned officers are being called on to serve consecutive assignments out of cone.

In fact, if there is to be a prerequisite in our current model of officer development, this should be it.

By denying officers a chance to learn their trade at the entry-level we retard their professional development and undermine the distinction between the entry and mid-level ranks.


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