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According to Leibniz’s philosophy, the best possible world is the one which harmonizes social relations and generates goodness and perfection.

Evil is created by God because nothing in this world exists independently from God.Deliberating on the nature God as the perfect being whose actions are internally moral, creating an imperfect would nevertheless be regarded as the best of all possible worlds.Apart from the denial of evil, God as a perfect being cannot create any world, except for the best one.Therefore, practice and existence of goodness conception is congruent with existence of God.The good is aimed at promoting physical, moral and metaphysical values.The harmonious world should also satisfy the simplicity criterion and introduce happiness and beauty.Because harmonious world is based on metaphysical goodness and therefore, individuals living in this world should practice virtue for the glory of God.However, the world is full of inconsistencies and imperfections and, therefore, the existence of the best possible world refutes the idea of God’s perfection.It also rejects any wrong and evil actions because goodness, particularly moral goodness, admits the possibility of bad and good actions as a part of a human being.Under these circumstances, the Divine creator faces three choices: forming an inferior world, choosing superior world, or creating no worlds.So, God’s decision to create the world, as compared to leaving everything unchanged, proves that the existing world is virtuous and harmonious.


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