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I think mine is different in two aspects: 1) the fields, and hence the common practices, are generally different.

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Some journals keep both the authors and the reviewers anonymous, while others give both parties the option to remain anonymous.

Many journals provide reviewers with criteria for evaluating each section of a manuscript.

On day one, he reads the manuscript through once without making comments or taking notes.

"I sit at my desk, and I don’t have a pen in my hand; I don’t have anything. On day two, he marks up the manuscript with all his comments.

Be sure that you have a clear understanding of the journal’s intended audience.

Editors will often give you a list of instructions for your review as well. Also, find out the journal’s policy regarding reviewer anonymity.

Potential reviewers land on the radar of journal editors in a variety of ways: They may have recently landed a tenure-track position, been lead author on a standout paper or even given a compelling talk at a conference.

But how, exactly, does a reviewer approach the manuscript-review process?

While your first thought may be, "I don’t have time for this," reviewing manuscripts can be a great opportunity.

Reviewers get an early view of what’s happening in their fields, better insight into how the review process works and a chance to network, all of which can foster your career, says Rose Sokol-Chang, Ph D, publisher of APA journals.


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