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Conflict of two main literary heroes of Antigone and Creon is traceable in this work.While reading this tragedy only one time, reader may get wrong impression about whose fate was tragic.The tragedy occurred in ancient Greece, thanks to the religious and ceremonial worship to the god of winemaking and growing of grapes Dionysus.

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Tragedy reached its highest peak in the fifth century B. Athenian poets, such as Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides wrote many works of this genre. It has kept its grandeur and seriousness, its heroes were strong personalities, endowed with a strong-willed character and great passion.

Greek tragedy always portrayed some very difficult moments in the life of a state or an individual, a terrible crime, misery and profound moral suffering. Required condition of the tragedy is the magnitude of the events.

Creon decides the fate of Antigone not only ask advice from anybody, but also refuse all tries to intervene in his decision.

The features of tyrant are shown in Creon’s behavior and thoughts.

Definition of word “tragedy” and plot of Greek tragedies First of all, let us look on definition of word “tragedy”. The conflicts of reality are transferred to the tragedy in a very intense way.

This is a special method of influence on spectators in order to wake the strength of their feelings and beget the spiritual rise.Sophocles shows the complexity of solving the problem of correct choice of human norms of behavior in society.Moral victory of Antigone seems indisputable, because Creon's position is complicated by the abuse of power: he ignored the opinions of people around him.Initially, only the choir and the author himself as the sole actor attended it.The first tragedy stated the myths about Dionysus: his suffering, death, resurrection, struggle and victory over the enemies.He takes the foresight of the ruler who is afraid of incurring the city trouble, betraying her execution of a different kind.Because the direct free man murder entailed, by the notion of the Greeks, the bitterness shade of killed person: this shadow would have roamed the the city with the aim of revenge to his killer, and could bring the filth to the city.Their actions and fates have a decisive influence on the historical development of the society.Heroes of the tragedy decide fundamental questions of existence.Then poets began to draw content for their works and other legends.In this regard, the choir began to represent not satyrs, and other mythical creatures or people, depending on the content of the play.


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