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Each ICORN city focuses on one writer at a time, each writer representing the countless others in hiding, in prison or silenced forever.

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The France-based watchdog group Reporters Without Borders ranked China 176 out of 180 countries in its 2016 worldwide index of press freedom.

Experts say Chinese media outlets usually employ their own monitors to ensure political acceptability of their content.

The File Room is a web-based censorship archive that was initiated as an artist's project by Muntadas and originally produced by Randolph Street Gallery (a non-profit artist run center in Chicago, IL, 1979-1998).

The International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) is an association of cities around the world dedicated to the value of Freedom of Expression.

Article 19 is a human rights organisation with a specific mandate and focus on the defence and promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide. FREEMUSE – The World Forum on Music and Censorship is an independent international organisation which advocates freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide.

Blue Ribbon Campaign (Electronic Frontier Foundation) Display the blue ribbon to support the essential human right of free speech, a fundamental building block of free society, affirmed by the U. Network of Concerned Historians (NCH) wants to provide a bridge between international human rights organizations campaigning for censored or persecuted historians (and others concerned with the past) and the global community of historians.

The definition of state secrets in China remains vague, facilitating censorship of any information that authorities deem harmful [PDF] to their political or economic interests. Economy says the Chinese government is in a state of “schizophrenia” about media policy as it “goes back and forth, testing the line, knowing they need press freedom and the information it provides, but worried about opening the door to the type of freedoms that could lead to the regime’s downfall.” The government issued in May 2010 its first white paper on the internet that focused on the concept of “internet sovereignty,” requiring all internet users in China, including foreign organizations and individuals, to abide by Chinese laws and regulations.

Chinese internet companies are now required to sign the “Public Pledge on Self-Regulation and Professional Ethics for China Internet Industry,” which entails even stricter rules than those in the white paper, according to Jason Q.

PEN America PEN, an international group of writers, follows the censorship and oppression of writers in the U.

The Chinese government has long kept tight reins on both traditional and new media to avoid potential subversion of its authority.


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