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Data that is processed, organized and cleaned would be ready for the analysis.

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Here are a few methods you can use to analyze quantitative and qualitative data.

The first stage of analyzing data is data preparation, where the aim is to convert raw data into something meaningful and readable.

Data Collection ensures that data gathered is accurate such that the related decisions are valid.

Data Collection provides both a baseline to measure and a target to improve.

For example, while cleaning the financial data, certain totals might be compared against reliable published numbers or defined thresholds.

Likewise, quantitative data methods can be used for outlier detection that would be subsequently excluded in analysis.

Data Analysis Process consists of the following phases that are iterative in nature − The data required for analysis is based on a question or an experiment.

Based on the requirements of those directing the analysis, the data necessary as inputs to the analysis is identified (e.g., Population of people).

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we see data?

The first instinct is to find patterns, connections, and relationships. Similarly, in research, once data is collected, the next step is to get insights from it.


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