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It is a credit to the screenwriters and producers of Amistad that they included this sequence They resisted the temptation to create a “formula” film catering to the approval and popularity of the public and the critics, possibly even the Academy.Not since “Chariots of Fire” has a major secular movie incorporated or recognized the power of the gospel message.

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Granted they did come into this, but as they said in the movie, in the Mende tribe, they have something of the same thing as a slave.

If a person is indebted to another, or something happens where the consequences would require this, then that man would become a sort of servant or slave to the man he owed.

Will this cost “Amistad” an academy award nomination?

This Amistad Learning Kit has been sent to thousands of high school educators and administrators to integrate the lessons of this landmark film into class curriculums—This goes too far!

The Mende seemed to do the same thing to their salves, only on not quite the same level.

I do however, agree that white men have treated slaves horribly and there is no excuse for it, but watching the movie, one does pick up a sense of bias towards the slaves.

It is rated “R” due to brutal violent scenes and for “related” nudity. Hollywood looks after itself I guess, and there’s a lot more money to be made flaunting Leonardo Di Caprio than facing social immorality.

I want to warn you, although the nude scenes are relevant to the story they do contain full frontal, male and female nudity. I was expecting an inferior imitation of Roots based on critics reviews, but the comments on this page gave me another angle to investigate. The story (admittedly disturbing to watch at times) is gutwrenching, the script and acting superb, the character development captivating, and the morals questioned completely profound. And how easy the heads of our country can take that freedom away, if left unchallenged! Some scenes may need to be fastforwarded, but the messages in this movie should not be missed. We are free and believe in freedom because others before us fought for it and believed in it first. And believe it or not, Spielberg directly presents the Gospel in “Amistad” in a powerful manner. Many viewers of the movie will see no relevance of the sequence in which the story was eloquently told of the Son of God coming to Earth, dying for our sins and resurrected in glory.

We do not need to have racist history books corrected by fictional accounts—Let the truth be told and not be fabricated by either whites or blacks—Let viewers and parents beware!

The “R” rating and spotlight rating were, I believe, misleading.


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