Aldo Leopold Research Paper

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An old chicken coup was turned into a cabin, known as the Shack.There the family spent many weekends and holidays restoring the surrounding land and tending a garden.

For a young boy, this was a wildlife wonderland waiting to be discovered.

According to his brother Frederic, Aldo didn’t talk much but was a bright student.

A native of Burlington, Iowa, Rand Aldo Leopold was born on January 11, 1887.

He was the eldest son of a manufacturer of fine walnut desks, Carl Leopold, and his mother’s name was Clara Starker.

During the off-season Aldo learned from his father that it was not right to hunt during nesting season—this was a realization instilled upon him long before there were federal laws established about prohibiting hunting during this season. As a teenager, he learned that Gifford Pinchot, who was a forester and politician, had donated money to Yale University to start one of the country’s first forestry schools.

Aldo Leopold Research Paper

Aldo decided that he would take forestry as his vocation and enroll at the forestry school.In 1935, he assisted the founding of the Wilderness Society.In the same year he acquired “The Shack”, which became the setting for most of his sketches.He attended Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University and then went on to Yale School of Forestry for graduate studies.Aldo graduated from Yale with his Master’s Degree in Forestry in June 1909.He also proposed the Gila Wilderness Area which is America’s first national wilderness area recorded in the Forest Service system.Aldo had a fruitful career in forestry and in 1924 he was transferred to the U. Forest Products Laboratory located in Madison, Wisconsin. Nine years later he became the Professor of Game Management in the Agricultural Economics Department which was the first professorship for wildlife management.Aldo’s love for the great outdoors came from his father, who taught him woodcraft and hunting.During early mornings in the fall, he and his father would explore the marsh and wait for the ducks.Afterwards, he joined the United States Forest Service where he was then assigned to the New Mexico and Arizona areas.Initially, he was one of the forest assistants at the Apache National Forest which is in the Arizona territory.


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