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This book is a journey through the history of the Nigerian oil-state and a tribute to those attempting to rebuild its foundation.[Essay Prizes] This book contains the three winning essays in the first call for the Casa África Essay Prizes.The subjects considered focus on relations between Sub-Saharan Africa and Spain from various standpoints: history, economic development and democratic consolidation processes.Amina Cachalia-Autobiography-When hope rhymes with history Amina Cachalia was born in the middle of apartheid, but since childhood had learned what non discrimination was thanks to Mahatma Gandhi, who her father, of Indian origin, had supported in the Peaceful Resistance Campaign in Durban (South Africa).

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It is time to take stock of armed conflicts, managing their impact, finding ways to solve them and build peace.

This interdisciplinary book has contributions from African and European academics and tries to shed light on this new era in the field of peace and security on the African continent.

frica has created an editorial line to draw attention to the knowledge of African and Africanist thinkers, writers, and theorists in order to support studies and research about topics that have to do with the continent Jara Cuadrado Bolaños In the last decade, Africa has taken on a prominent role in the international agenda.

It has gone from being associated with poverty to being synonymous with opportunities, thanks to expectations aroused by some of the economic data and by the democratic progress.

It is a huge fertile territory, where single crop farming set up during colonial times have failed to end the commitment of traditional agriculture through biodiversity and fair sustainable development.

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This work explains the green African revolution, the problems it faces and the opportunities it offers.In this work, Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch and Éric Mesnard, two of the leading specialists in the field, offer an approach that breaks with the keys of the until now dominant Eurocentric interpretation and gives a central role to the African continent and its inhabitants, slave dealers or slaves .They reconstruct the experience of slavery from the stories of life and administrative literature that is preserved and explore the material and symbolic forms of resistance that slaves developed to deal with their situation, going into realities that are little known or discussed until now.It also analyses other aspects which can be development opportunities, such as the attention to its rich agro-biodiversity or the development of organic agriculture and agribusiness to satisfy its markets.A joint vision contributes to untangling paths for the future.Nigeria is the economic giant of Western Africa, the leading oil producer in the black continent, and home to one of the poorest populations on the planet.Many of the keys that make this country a paradigm of inequality can be found in the abundance of oil, which has been a crucial element in building the post-colonial State and in configuring its imaginary collective.It is on this last approach of the subject that the work by Antoni Castel and Carlos Bajo is focused on and that was the winner before the jury that especially valued the contribution the essay makes to the knowledge of creative and militant use of ICT by African civil societies and their contribution to the continent's democratization.Despite sufferung food crises, Africa is one of the granaries of the world.5th Edition: A way to tackle the African city Manuel Martín Hernández, Vicente Díaz García and Eugenio Rodríguez Cabrera The theme for this call was 'The African city, its development, its present and its future' and the authors of the work argue that there is only no possible single development or one city or a unique way of doing things.They suggest a 'right to the city" able to generate other ways to understand, configure and manage the African city, focused on the' social production of the habitat ', and propose fostering this alternative with a South-South cooperation.


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