Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Short Essay In English

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Short Essay In English-21
In other Words, we can say that the Internet has been the key to unlock the door to the global village.It is a proven fact that internet has emerged within no time and developed itself into a window to the World in a wink.It is the internet that has made the world as Marshal Mc Luhan calls it Internet links the world together.

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Due to this amazingly fast speed, the contacts are limited or minimized to seconds and even microseconds.

The little machine computer is undoubtedly a complete global world.

It is full of amazingly beautiful and fascinating natural and man created things.

Since time immemorial man has beautified the globe with his God-gifted faculty of brain and imagination.

As computer users know, the linking of computers is called “networking.” The American use of the computer network for defense purposes developed into the Internet the world over.

The Internet, now, is “a collection of individual networks connected by telephone lines.” The user of a computer network can gain information from or exchange messages with any other network anywhere at all times.

The computer is connected to the World Wide Web to gain the technical information one needs.

A firm, company, office or person can have his own website for the communication of his information to others.

The Internet, in this sense, is known as “the Information Superhighway” which anyone can use through his computer system.

The Internet highway system provides information and pictures to all the computer users who are connected to it.


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