Acupuncture Case Studies

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She happily announced her pregnancy in December, 2012.

Cosmetic Acupuncture: Facial Rejuvenation Sandra, age 46 was adverse to botox treatment and wanted natural anti-ageing support using cosmetic acupuncture.

She was advised to have egg donation and had acupuncture for three months prior to the treatment. Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment to prepare the mind and body for donor embryo transfer and to maintain and promote a viable pregnancy.

Baby Acupuncture and Colic Baby Charlotte, age 10 weeks was not feeding well, not digesting her food and had colic which resulted in crying and discomfort.

She wanted the support of a Doula birthing assistant, and Charlotte Steed, an obstetrics acupuncturist to provide pain relief and to facilitate the birth.

With acupuncture the labour lasted only 1.5 hours after the waters broke.Baby acupuncture is very very gentle and involves the use of specialist tiny Japanese needles and massage techniques.Treatments were short yet effective and after only 3 sessions, Charlotte's mother was happy that her baby was sleeping well, digesting her food and far more comfortable.Her readings were 11, 12 and the last one was 17, which indicates that there would be a 'very poor' response or no response to stimulation from IVF medication.She underwent a course of acupuncture treatments with Charlotte and after two months had a repeat FSH test.Pre-Birth Acupuncture Claire, age 35 had been referred by her private midwife for the Pre-Birth Acupuncture Programme at week 36.She had four weekly sessions to prepare her body for childbirth and gaves birth a beautiful baby boy.After a course of cosmetic acupuncture, she felt visibly more attractive and work colleagues kept saying how well she looked.Her lines were less defined, her skin tighter, and her complexion improved.Acupuncture and Menopause Jean, age 52 presented to The London Acupuncture Space with daily hot flushes, irritability and night sweats.She was experiencing approximately five hot flushes a day lasting between 30 seconds and a minute.


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