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(Schwarz 35) Take another example "Suppose a woman suffers a miscarriage, A sympathetic doctor will not tell her, "You have lost your fetus"; he will say; "You have lost your child"." (Schwarz 35) If an abortion is picked the term "fetus" is used as a cold scientific "neutral" word which switches the persons mind from reality, and also will flip the seriousness, and preciousness of a unborn baby.(Schwarz 35) Can it be so possible in today's society that we "get so caught up trying to be sensitive to the woman and her suffering that we forget the baby altogether." (Gallagher 63)) People today do not want to see a young persons "life" ruined because of an unwanted pregnancy, so they see their only choice is abortion.(O'Connor 94) Many people in today's society do not accept capital punishment, they feel it is not humane. Willke, Abortion Questions and Answers, Ohio, Hayes Publishing Company, Inc., 1985.

Women that abort increase theirchances of getting breast cancer by 50%, and teenagers with no previouspregnancies that abort after the 8th week increase their probability by 800%.

Unicef states that 250,000 women die every year because of legal and illegalabortions: 75,000 of them die of self-inflicted abortions; 75,000 die ofconvulsions; and the other 100,000 die of blood poisoning caused by an infectionof the uterus.

He inspired King David to write: "Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing." (Young 25-27) The bible (Exodus , 23) has clearly stated that a person would be held accountable for hurting an unborn baby.

(Young 25-27) Take this for example; Say a woman is walking down the street carrying a child in her arms.

3-5) "From 50 million to 60 million unborn babies perish each year by abortion. It would be like sweeping the entire population of the Hawaiian Island off the map every week! 6-9) "In the United States, abortion is the second most common surgical procedure, next to tonsillectomy.

Annually, over 1.5 million abortions are performed." (Awake!

Many studies were taken, and show some very interesting information about abortions. Abortion has been shown to be murder by not just the most important book today, The Bible, but also many scientists.

Bibliography Cozic, Tipp, ed., Abortion Opposing Viewpoints, California, Greenhaven Press.

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Abortion is murder, it is the killing of an unborn baby.


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