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But here's the thing: It almost never happens, and for reasons most people don't realize.As it turns out, the fourth-quarter dunk is a rare phenomenon.

Neither did it go perfectly well for Balzac himself, who reportedly died of caffeine poisoning at the age of 51.

Objectivist Ayn Rand also had an addiction that sprang from her writing process: amphetamines.

It's merely one of a hundred signals that NBA players are exhausted and sleep-deprived.

In this case it was to the benefit of the highlight makers.

Sure enough, by the fourth quarter, the hormonal, mental and physical aftershock of the Knicks' schedule emerged into full view.

With a minute left, Porzingis, who had scored 23 points in the first three quarters, had yet to score in the fourth and was visibly dragging. And with the entire arena on its feet, Le Bron James -- coming off a luxurious, if rare, two days of rest -- made his move.

From the 2005-06 season through 2014-15, there were nearly 5,000 fewer dunks in the fourth quarter compared with the first, a decline of 20 percent.

In fact, dunks become rarer with each passing quarter: from an average of 1.98 in the first to 1.59 in the fourth.

After which he started work around 11 PM (as Begley points out, the letter- and diary-writing took up at least an hour a day, and more usually two), and then “depending on my strength, inclination, and luck, until one, two, or three o’clock, once even till six in the morning.” Then “every imaginable effort to go to sleep,” as he fitfully rested before leaving to go to the office once more.

This routine left him permanently on the verge of collapse.


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